How To Make Your Webinar Go From Average To Great

A webinar is a virtual seminar hosted online to an audience that can be located all over the globe. They are an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their expertise or engage a number of motivated and driven potential clients/customers. More and more companies are investing time and money into hosting and delivering online expos, and it is easy to fall into the trap of assuming that they are straightforward types of events. The reality, however, is rather different.

In order to make a webinar a success, an enormous amount of work must go into it. Planning, marketing, innovating, finding the right platform to host it. For example, you should aim to host it at a time that works for people in different time zones to enjoy one of the great advantages of virtual event hosting.

All these things must be considered if you wish to reap the benefits of this virtual event. Here are some tips to slingshot your next webinar from average to great.

Nurture Engagement

Your audience will be more connected with your online business expo if you engage them beforehand. Introduce them to the aims and content of the forthcoming webinar and let them know how it will benefit them. Create things like blogs, social media content and email communications to keep them engaged and build anticipation. This will help to bring in a larger audience of people ready to really connect with what you have to offer. Using a platform like Connect My Event’s allows you to Seamlessly create and automate branded invitation links for your guests, promote your event across social media channels, connect and network with potential attendees outside of the event and so much more.

Create a Slide Deck

An informative slide deck integrated into your webinar will complement the main content and provide the audience with:

  • An idea of the event agenda
  • Information on how they can interact
  • A visual aide to reinforce the key information

Put time into designing and creating your slide deck so that it is effective and genuinely helpful to your audience.

Invite Thought Leaders From Your Niche To Speak

Familiar faces in an industry will attract people in the know. People that understand your niche will want to hear from thought leaders that inspire them. Having a renowned marketing expert speak at your online marketing expo can be a powerful way to create buzz and deliver engaging content.

Be sure to meet with your speakers ahead of the webinar to ensure everyone is on the same page and you can work together to make it run smoothly.

Make It Organised

Having a host can help with transitioning between speakers as the webinar unfolds. This keeps things flowing and maintains the engagement of your audience.

Getting The Platform To Host The Event Right

As a key foundation to success, you must choose the right online expo software to host your webinar through. You need to be able to control the way your event looks and have diverse features and tools to be able to operate it your way. You need a rich pool of options for engaging with delegates and invitees with integrated payment options. Networking features are very important, and you need everything to be reliable so that the event goes off without a hitch.

Connect My Event can deliver all of this and more, and is the only UK-based online event platform optimised for UK-based companies. Check us out and learn more.

Image Source: Unsplash