Why Is It Important To Try A Demo Before Making A Final Decision?

Jumping in feet first is rarely a good idea – especially when it comes to something as important as planning and holding a virtual event. While virtual events are becoming more and more common and sophisticated in design/security features, it’s still important to try a demo before deciding on the right platform for you. But why is this important and how can Connect My Event help? Keep reading to find out more.

Develop Deeper Trust

Getting a sample before committing can help you to make a more educated decision, with no unpleasant surprises. Sourcing a new virtual event provider can be challenging, but an in-depth demo allows you to develop a sense of trust – you know that nothing is being hidden, and understand exactly what is on offer before you progress to a full purchase.

Connect With An Expert In This Field

With Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence evolving and dominating traditional in-person purchasing experiences, nowadays it can feel like you never get to speak to the real-life experts in a service you want to buy before you purchase it. However, with our demo you have the opportunity to virtually speak to a professional in virtual events and get your questions answered. Being involved in a demo can help you to 100%understand what you are destined to purchase as a specialist will be able to give you all of the detail you need and you can even give the platform a try yourself

See What Aspects Of The Platform You Need

A demo allows you to find out what aspects of the platform will be most useful to you – are you seeking a platform with a high level of security, one that allows you to admit or reject attendees as they enter, or do you need a platform that encourages a lot of delegate engagement? Assess the different aspects and features of the platform and discuss with the provider if there are any changes that can be made for a more bespoke experience.

The Opportunity To Give Feedback

If you decide to try out a virtual events platform with a demo, then this is the perfect time to give feedback to the provider and check that the service has everything you need. This gives you the chance to find out whether there are features that you may have missed, and gives the provider a chance to improve their offering.

A virtual events demo could help you to make the right decision for your event. If you want to ensure that you get a high quality demo that gives you a good idea of the key features you will need, then Connect My Event can help. We allow potential customers to sample a free demo of our platform, checking through the virtual product demo that our platform suits your event. This is a no obligation demo – so get in touch to book a virtual conference demo with us and see if our platform could be the right choice for you.

Image source: Unsplash