Why Connect My Event Can Make Your Business Events Easier To Manage

When you are planning a virtual event, you may not know how best to manage such a large undertaking. Since technology has rapidly evolved over time and is becoming more and more utilised for daily duties, especially in business, knowing how to create these events in a simple yet effective way, is invaluable skill to have in your business. Here, we take a look at how Connect My Event can support you in managing your virtual events.

Create Events Tailored To You

Connect My Event is experienced in ensuring that business virtual events are completely tailored to your needs and specifications for a smooth and enjoyable event for you and your attendees. Our platform is completely customisable, with different modules that can be altered to meet your needs and the needs of your attendees.

Every virtual business event is different, and at Connect My Event we ensure that you can customise our platform with company branding, seamless media incorporation, polls and chat features. You can customise each part of your event so your attendees are completely satisfied.

Ability To Manage Guests

Managing guests might seem like a real challenge, especially if you don’t want unexpected attendees to arrive. You will be able to invite guests privately, creating a payment barrier to keep out unwanted arrivals. You can accept or reject attendees on a one-by-one basis.

Feedback And Q&A’s

No matter what the event is, you want to ensure that your attendees can provide feedback and ask questions, so your events can be continuously improved in the future. Using our platform, you will be able to access data regarding your event after it’s over, and provide attendees with the space for Q&A sessions during. This can help you to make each and every event better than the last.

Designate Roles

There’s no need to put all the pressure on one person with Connect My Event. You can designate different roles to different people, so you will have admins, moderators, and event managers to split the organisation and management of your event.

Full Support Available

While your event should run smoothly, if you have any problems then a member of the Connect My Event team will be on hand to help you out and support you. We also have Knowledge Base guides available so that you can know as much as possible about the platform before your event begins.
If you want to manage your events more easily, then Connect My Event is here for you. Get in touch to access our free demo so you can see what our customisable virtual event platform can do for you.

Image source: Pexels