How To Host An Online EXPO Successfully

The virtual or online expo has become an integral part of event planning for organisations in many industries. With the right blend of experience and technology at our fingertips, we have found that this is a powerful way to reignite the world of expo and exhibitions. The multimedia version of an online expo delivers a real-time experience for guests, moving virtually around the hall to view the exposition booths.

Making a success of this kind of expo requires careful planning and truly exceptional online expo software. Here are some tips on making the best of your online expo event.

Take Control of The Build

You need a powerful platform to host your online business expo through. Connect My Event is an entirely self-serve platform, which really helps it stand out from the competition. You can construct your event from inception to completion in accordance with your own branding, making it truly unique and making your vision a reality.

Make Registration As Seamless As Possible

It should not be difficult for prospective attendees to register for your online expo. Attracting visitors is the make-or-break feature of this process, and one of the biggest barriers for people will be a difficult registration process. Connect My Event has rich features for managing delegates and invitees, enabling you to seamlessly send invitations and sell tickets, collecting payments via Stripe. You can even integrate with Eventbrite to deliver the best possible experience for potential attendees.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Everything should be rigorously planned in advance. You need to think of as many things as possible, including:

  • The event schedule
  • The list of exhibitors
  • The number of attendees
  • The branding of the event
  • The user experience of attendees

This will help everything run smoothly and ensure a positive experience for all your virtual guests. Make a definite schedule for the timings of the event and inform your attendees of when each stand will be shown. This will allow them to book smaller in-call meetings as required.

Understand Your Target Audience

You can only deliver the right experience for your audience if you understand them. Your event needs to cater to their experiences, so your research and marketing efforts beforehand should be aimed at very specific people. This way, you will also target the people that are most likely to engage with your brand and those of your delegates.


No one wants to sit and stare at a screen for hours. Take advantage of tools and features in your event hosting platform to make things interactive. Allow attendees to ask questions and access content at an online marketing expo and they will be more engaged throughout the duration of the event.

The Right Platform For You

Connect My Event is optimised for hosting a wide range of virtual events, including the online expo. As a UK-based platform, it enables you to run events online in a custom environment that fits your branding. There are many integrated features to help make the event more interactive and also empower you with the ability to collect data and analytics. You can easily manage your delegates and attendees and keep to a schedule, with superb networking features to make the event a success for everyone.

Take a look at our guides to learn more about how Connect My Event can help you.

Image Source: Unsplash