4 Common Myths About Virtual Events

Virtual events are a growing phenomenon, with plenty of companies seeing the benefits of hosting their major events online. However, with this increased popularity, it’s understandable that we’ve seen some myths surrounding virtual events come to light. Find out what some of the more common myths around these events are, and whether they have any basis in reality.

MYTH 1: They Won’t Be Necessary In The Long-run

One of the concerns people have around investing heavily in virtual events as an organisation is that they are not necessary for the long term. After all, why invest in virtual event services if you’ll only use them once? However, virtual events are here to stay, especially with more people than ever before working from home. They offer a flexible option that also increases accessibility to events, so more people can enjoy and attend them.

MYTH 2: Planning Virtual Events Takes More Work

While planning a virtual event still requires a lot of work, there are fewer things to think about. For example, in-person events require event security and infrastructure, as well as staff, food, beverages and more. As virtual events are remote, there is no need to provide people with supplies or spend time looking for a suitable venue. With a virtual event, you can put all of your efforts into the quality of the event itself rather than all the planning.

MYTH 3: There Are More Complications With Virtual Events

Understandably, when hosting a virtual event, some organisers fear issues such as buffering videos, insecure connections and limits on the number of people viewing the event at one time. But by using effective software and putting the right procedures in place ahead of time, audio and visual connections will be seamless, delivering quality performance levels for all of your viewers.

MYTH 4: People Don’t Engage With Virtual Events

As an events coordinator, the last thing you want is to host an event and have your attendees and participants add little to the discussion. An effective platform, such as Connect My Event, makes full use of an event chat feature and feedback. These features enable discussion between the hosts and attendees, livening up your virtual events and increasing interaction throughout. People are more likely to revisit events they enjoy, and participation is a quick route to a more fun event. As administrators there are additional advantages too because this engagement can be tracked and the analytics displayed, helping you to understand what worked and what didn’t.

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