Hosting a Ceremony with Connect My Event

Thousands of different ceremonies exist, from weddings, funerals and religious ceremonies right through to complex multi-national awards ceremonies, all of which can benefit from being hosted or managed using a platform designed to maximise the event’s reach and impact.

Why use a virtual hybrid event platform to host a ceremony in the first place?

Below we look at some of the most common reasons:

Simplifying the invite process and managing attendance

For organisers there is already a lot to organise without having to worry about yet another supplier and the potential pitfalls associated with managing them. But in reality the platform exists to alleviate this burden, make things simpler for organisers and allows them to keep a blueprint safely in the cloud for repeated future events.

Whether guests are attending a live stream virtually or whether they are attending in person, ticketing is all controlled from the platform and attendees managed directly from the event space meaning that there is a simple space to manage admins, prevent guests from accessing certain areas or granting access to other areas as well as customising the invites, including their appearance and branding.

Make the ceremony more special

By now we’ve all no doubt had the generic Zoom or Google Hangouts link to the end of year company prize-giving ceremony. Imagine the complications of using similar conferencing software to crudely broadcast a prize-giving from a smartphone? How is that really going to look?

Let’s imagine the attendee’s experience and ignore for the moment whether they have paid for it or not. Prize-givings and ceremonies are supposed to be a special occasion and attendees will expect something a little prestigious. It would be a somewhat anti-climactic to receive a generic non-branded invitation to a live stream where seemingly random people either receive awards, are joined together in matrimony, baptised, inducted etc.

With a platform they would receive a proper invitation, laid out in the way the organisers intended which brings them to a navigable space where they can see useful information about what is going on, who is receiving which award, where, at what time etc. The whole experience is much more memorable.

It’s more secure.

It’s always possible to crash any ceremony and whilst this may not be the largest security threat, some businesses will still broadcast company information to distant employees which can be highly sensitive in nature. There is a need to ensure that only those who are invited will actually attend without any unwanted guests intruding.

Because of proper authentication features with Connect My Events’ login and event access, you can guarantee that only those invited will attend without the chance that codes can be intercepted or misplaced. Private emails and logins are much easier to authenticate as well as being more personal.

Reach a wider audience

Even at the most prestigious ceremonies, some guests have always joined remote to receive prizes. For some time it has been possible for distant and interested parties to watch the proceedings should they not be able to attend even when they aren’t directly involved. Take the example of a school speech day or carol service: Parents may be in another country entirely or on a business trip but still want to see and support their children.

Or what about a multi-national enterprise with hundreds, even thousands of employees? It’s surely more inclusive to allow them all to be involved?

Take it to the next level

We’ve all been there; whispered conversations to other attendees during the main speech. Why not simply DM them instead? And why not reach out to someone who reacts in the same way as you do (whatever their reaction might be)? For those hosting the event, wouldn’t it be great to be able to gather some analytics on how things are going? Or allow your guests to participate further by posting or sharing their thoughts in a live discussions?

Why not see how easy and inexpensive it could be to host a simple event like this using Connect My Event by booking your demo below.