How To Promote Your Next Virtual Event!

After organising your virtual event, the next step is to share this event with the world. Promoting/Marketing your virtual event can largely impact the success of this and any future online events you run- it’s imperative you promote effectively to gain a following and ensure success for future events. This article is here to help you with where to begin in promoting your online event, without spending vast amounts of money on promotion. Here are great affordable ways that you can promote your online event.

Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion is a very powerful way of getting the word out about an event. Especially as social media platforms vary from Facebook to Instagram, to LinkedIn and so much more. Therefore, different platforms can be used to speaks to alterative segments of your potential attendees. For example, when events come up, you can use things like creative social content and unique event hashtags – you can even offer incentives to potential attendees.

 Additionally, having a social media presence allows you to develop relationships with your audience and be active with your audience on a consistent basis. 

Promote The Event On Your Website

Using your website pages to promote your event opens the opportunities for you to direct visitors to the event. 

To do this, you need to use:

  • Compelling imagery and branding.
  • Engaging content (copy, videos, audio, etc).
  • SEO optimisation.
  • A very clear call-to-action (CTA).

Publish the landing page well in advance of the event itself to give it time to rank on Google and start bringing in traffic.

Paid Promotion

Your website pages and social media posts can be boosted with paid promotion, either on social media platforms or via Google Ads. These platforms have rich ad optimisation tools to help you make the most of your ads, targeting the right people and driving engagement that sends visitors flocking to your landing page.

Email Marketing

If you have an email, contact list then take advantage of it. Send promotional emails about your event to customers, prospects and partners highlighting the details of the event(s) and encouraging them to register. Our events platform at Connect My Event has a built-in system which allows you to send branded emails to potential attendees.  You can also encourage them to forward the email to their friends and families to boost your reach and potentially bring in more attendees.

Invite Your Guests To A Properly Branded Event Online

After going to all this trouble and compiling a huge list of guests it would be a shame to send a soulless, unbranded link to a virtual meeting online. The proper way should be to send a private, secure, invite via email in line with all the careful branding you have spent weeks and months creating. Only a genuine events platform can offer this so it’s a important to choose one carefully!


These are just a few of the many options for where to advertise events online. The key is to target your audience and present all your promotional content in an interconnected way, all aimed at getting people to register. It takes planning and it takes work, and you need to run your promotional campaign for some time to capture lots of leads.

Keep experimenting and tracking what works and what does not so that you can optimise your promotional content.

Image source: Unsplash