6 Types of Virtual Events Your Company Could Be Taking Advantage Of

Virtual events come in all ‘shapes and sizes’ and your company could benefit from any one of them if executed correctly. They offer opportunities to network virtually and bring people together, or to source new talent from places that could not be reached by a physical event. With conferences, you can increase the visibility of your company, or you can provide virtual shopping experiences to showcase your products and give people a sense of your innovative approaches.

The following 6 virtual event ideas have the potential to upgrade your business and improve engagement from existing and potential customers. Our event delivery software allows you to create an online event space that is fully customisable and allows you to take full control of your events. Get started with planning your online event today by learning about our simplistic platform through our free Demo.

Below shows 6 types of online events you must take advantage of…

1. Virtual Networking

These events bring attendees together in an online space so that they can network with one another. Common networking events that can be hosted online include seminars, b2b expos and hackathons, connecting entrepreneurs and like-minded people around the world.

2. Virtual Team Building

Team-building activities are aimed at boosting your team’s morale and fostering stronger working relationships. These can be hosted online so that participants can engage from their homes if there are remote workers in the business or if important attendees are elsewhere on business trips. It doesn’t have to be business with virtual event organising. You could set up informal social events in which people can, for example, play board games online.

3. Virtual Fundraisers

With virtual event technology, charities and NGOs can increase their reach and raise funds in powerful ways using online spaces. This has emerged as one of the most popular ways to raise money online.

4. Virtual Hiring Events and Recruitment Fairs

These allow you to reach applicants from further afield and source the best talent from qualified candidates without having to use traditional channels for recruiting. Recruitment companies often use events or talks to grow candidate pools and make new business contacts. An online events platform is a great way to do this within a professional, properly branded container.

5. Virtual Product Launches and Shopping

You may already host product launches in person and have already thought about reaching a wider audience. Again, a properly branded and customised user experience will greatly compliment and enhance these whilst also allowing distant potential customers a chance to attend even the most exclusive launches.

Online product demos showcasing products, known as “Livestream Shopping”, is an emerging trend that is predicted to really take off over the next few years. Essentially, demos showcasing products and enabling attendees to virtually ‘shop’ for their favourite products online.

6. Virtual Ceremonies 

All kinds of awards ceremonies exist and rather than using conference software to allow remote participants to view the proceedings it makes so much more sense for them to navigate the event and chat to some of the guests as if they were there. Platforms for events can contain bios, further information on scheduling and other useful tools whilst also containing a live feed – all within the branding and style guidelines of your choice!

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To get the best results from creating a virtual event, take the time to plan carefully and promote thoroughly. With a little creativity and the right platform with the most relevant tools, you can get fantastic results from hosting virtual events.

Image Source: Unsplash