What Is a Virtual Event?

Virtual events are those held online for participants to join remotely via an internet-connected device such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Online virtual events have become a necessity since the COVID-19 Pandemic put a temporary halt to traditional in-person events. However, as the world adapts to build a ‘New Normal’, virtual events continue to be the way forward for many businesses and organisations who reap their many benefits.

Informational, Collaborative or Hybrid

Just like in-person events, virtual events consist of a carefully planned agenda so that participants know what to expect. Some events are designed primarily to share information. They might involve presentations, lectures or demonstrations in order to communicate messages or educate participants. Other virtual events are meant for collaboration and are interactive. They could involve networking, meetings, group projects, or seminars in which members of the audience are encouraged to participate.

Many virtual events combine informational and collaborative elements to maximise engagement. For example, an event might begin with an informational presentation delivered to 100 participants. Then the participants might be broken down into ten groups of ten for a networking session in which they can meet and chat with fellow participants.

Flexible, Scalable and Customisable

Online virtual events appeal greatly to many businesses because they can be affordable compared to in-person events. In-person events often require venue, staff, food, travel, and accommodation costs. Additionally, you can scale virtual events up incredibly easily since there’s no need to be hindered by venue capacity.

It’s also incredibly easy to build an event that is completely tailored to your business needs. Here at Connect My Event, our modular platform allows you to create an event from the ground up that is completely unique to your organisation.

Improved Accessibility and Client Satisfaction

One of the many benefits of virtual events is that people can participate from anywhere in the world. Organisations can therefore extend their reach to audiences that it would otherwise be prohibitive to for them to attend in-person events. Plus, the sheer convenience of being able to attend from home or the office makes virtual events very appealing to busy clients.

It’s also possible to get real-time participant feedback with virtual events to help you improve and grow your events in the future. Virtual events make it super easy to optimise client attendance, engagement and satisfaction.

Overall, virtual events offer a plethora of cost-saving advantages and are optimised for maximum engagement, allowing them to keep you and your attendees well pleased. We have a wide range of advanced features for your business to use when organising, managing and delivering virtual events. Contact our team and give our platform a try today.

Image Source: Unsplash