As Virtual Events Are the “New Normal”, What Are Their Benefits?

Virtual events are becoming increasingly popular as the COVID-19 pandemic made them become a necessity for businesses of all sizes in any industry. As more and more businesses catch onto their many benefits, now may be a time for your organisation to leverage virtual events.

Let’s take a look at 4 benefits of virtual events and the ways in which they could boost your business.

1. Flexible

Creating a virtual event is far simpler than planning an in-person event. From a single platform, you can create a completely bespoke experience tailored to your brand and the unique needs of your business. Connect My Event’s modular platform makes it incredibly easy to customise a virtual attendees experience with everything – and perhaps more – than an in-person event could offer.

2. Affordable

In-person events can be incredibly expensive due to the need for venue hire, accommodation and travel expenses for staff, and more. Creating a virtual event is far more cost-effective because you only have to pay for platform software, which is a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay to host the event in person. Plus, you may require less staff to manage the event which can also save you money. Attendees will also benefit from the cost and time they will save travelling to your in-person event.

3. Scalable

In-person events are limited to venue capacity, and they require careful planning and risk assessment to ensure you don’t pay a fortune for a huge venue and fail to reach capacity. It can be tricky to scale up in-person events and feel confident that you’ll turn a profit, but this isn’t the case with virtual events. Instead, you can simply scale your platform package up and down to match the number of participants you’re expecting to attend.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Businesses are becoming more aware of their corporate social responsibility and are opting to host virtual events to minimise their environmental impact. With in-person events, both staff and guests must travel to the venue and generate carbon emissions.

5. Measurable

Virtual event platforms allow you to access real-time data about client participation and satisfaction. You can access comprehensive analytics reports after the event to assess engagement and the overall success of the content delivered. These will help you to continuously improve your future events.

Why Choose a Virtual Event?

Virtual events have become the preferred solution for many organisations, and the only way that some businesses have been able to communicate en masse to their global workforce, deliver digital media and presentations to external stakeholders, and many other scenarios where groups of people have not been able to meet in person. ‘Virtual’ will undoubtedly play a key part in the ‘New Normal’. Attendees benefit from the convenience of attending events from the comfort of their own homes or office. Meanwhile, event organisers benefit by reducing costs, reducing their carbon footprint, whilst continuously improving their level of engagement.

All of these factors have an impact on attendee satisfaction, meaning they, as well as the event organisers, are more likely to benefit from a higher return on investment.

Image Source: Unsplash