Reasons to Deliver Training Using a Virtual Event Platform

The interesting recent debate as to what constitutes an “event” in virtual terms continues. For companies who hold an “Event Space” on Connect My Event distance learning is something that can be facilitated and built out by admins, meaning that “events” such as training classes, lectures etc can be contained securely within your organisation’s own private space. Below we discuss some of the advantages of holding training online.

Reduce overheads, free up space

If you are fully remote as a business, you would need to book a space to give the training. If you aren’t remote then you will have to set aside space within your workplace which could be used for income generation, client or internal meetings.

Stream learning materials at the same time as receiving live feedback for your students.

With Connect My Event, you can host a live stream and put questions directly to your participants via embedded chats to drive engagement with the subject matter. Any video content is embedded on the platform itself so no need to navigate away, keeping your content private and secure. Unlike real classes, you will have a record of the full discourse allowing you to improve on future training courses. Of course, the stream can include any kind of conventional presentation, slideshows or PDFs

Hold an assessment and instantly gauge your students’ progress

With Connect My Event’s assessment feature you can create a test with either multiple choice or written answers enabling you to test for a range of different subjects and abilities. These can be instantly marked allowing you to focus more on the subject being discussed and less on time-consuming marking and reporting.

Collate and organise further learning materials using the same platform

Virtual Event platforms are so much more than simply conferencing software with good branding. With Connect My Event you can organise media libraries that your users can browse and search inside your secure learning environment.

Downloadable content can also be added to each module with Connect My Event so the right content will always appear wherever you put it and wherever it is needed.

Organise and schedule courses for specific training requirements

Again, the real advantage of using a platform to organise learning and development is that all students using the platform will have access to a live schedule which can be amended as necessary to suit changing requirements. With Connect My Event any schedule you create as an admin is interactive, meaning that navigating to the right area is as simple as clicking on or touching the relevant time slot for a training session.

Rather than sending each individual student a personalised training plan, it is also possible to show only the relevant modules to a student with particular learning requirements.

Student collaboration is enhanced

Ever gathered in a classroom and wondered who everyone was? Or who asked a certain question and how to get hold of them afterwards? These kinds of concerns are a thing of the past as far as online learning is concerned. All students know who they are speaking to so no more awkward name forgetting. Groups can work together in breakout rooms outside of the main course space (entirely at the admin’s discretion) and direct message one another to work together on course materials

It’s greener

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for business to neglect the carbon impact of what they are doing. In this vein, why gather people together and create a carbon footprint when they can learn from the comfort of their own homes or desks with minimal disruption? Although it’s hard to quantify what virtual events can do for the environment, from an environmental perspective they are certainly a step in the right direction.