Everything You Need To Know About Connect My Event’s Support Services Ahead Of Your Event

When hosting a virtual event, you want to make sure that every part of the process is seamless and successful. For that to happen, you need to have the best support available – and with Connect My Event, that comes as standard. Here we take a look at all the support services that Connect My Event can provide you with ahead of your event.

Bespoke Benefits

Depending on your requirements and budgets, Connect My Event has three different tiers of packages – the Starter package, the Business Package and the Enterprise package. Each of these has unique benefits so you can create the best event possible, providing you with high levels of support so that you and your delegates can have the best possible experience.

Limited Downtime

If you are worried that a virtual event might be held back by downtime, then you will be glad to know that Connect My Event has 99.5% uptime. So this means that the server is down for less than an hour per week – less than two days per year! This is available for every package level, so you will have excellent access consistently.

Knowledge Base

Do you want a guide to help you with areas of the platform you are less familiar with? Knowledge Base is available at every package level, giving you answers to any questions you might have along the way.

General Support

We provide you with general customer support for every package, via email or a support ticket system, as well as the Knowledge Base. Organisers and guests all have access to this.

Live Event Support

With our Enterprise package, you will also be provided with real time support for your organisers as your events are running. This means that if any last minute hitches occur, you will have support from our team at all times.

Designated Account Manager

Also available with our Enterprise package, you will be assigned a designated Account Manager who will be able to answer any questions as you progress through your event journey.

Onboarding And Training

By opting for the Enterprise package, you will also be given full training and onboarding by our expert team. This will be available during setting up your event, giving you all the information you need to use every tool you might use during the event.

Every event is different, with different requirements and support needs. If you want to get all the benefits and virtual event support that Connect My Events can provide, then get in touch with us to arrange a demo of our virtual events services so we can arrange the best support for you.

Image source: Unsplash