5 Ways Your Business Can Keep Attendees Safe During A Virtual Event

In 2022, virtual events are more popular and widely utilised than ever before – bringing people together from across the world. This has been essential over the past two years, and is a convenient and inclusive way to run an event.

However, just because an event isn’t in person doesn’t mean there aren’t any risks present. The safety of your virtual attendees is important, and keeping their safety from being compromised is essential.

Here we take a look at five ways you can keep your guests safe in virtual environments with Connect My Event.

1. Manage Guest Access

Without keeping your event secure, you could be open to uninvited guests “crashing” in – just like you might at an in-person event. You can make rooms private by making your event invite-only. Connect My Event takes this one step further with our dynamic platform, which means only those who have been invited and paid an entry fee will be able to enter.

Not only that, but you can compare the guest list to your attendees and utilise the coloured thumbs-up system to admit or reject them.

2. Manage Disruptive Behaviour

Disruptive behaviour can spoil any event – anyone who is inside your event without a real invite could cause an issue. Connect My Event allows you to moderate the attendees, and you can remove people when you need to, creating private rooms to keep your other, legitimate guests safe.

3. Only Enable Certain Features

You don’t need every feature for every event – so you can enable or disable these depending on your requirements. By disabling non-essential chat features, you will reduce the amount of ways a hacker could interfere with your communication.

4. Monitor Safety During The Event

When you use Connect My Event, you can have a team of people keeping your guests safe. Moderators, administrators and event managers can monitor guest invites and ensure procedures are followed.

5. Partner With A Secure Virtual Event Platform

A secure event platform is your number one safety tool with virtual events. With Connect My Event, you can rest easy thanks to our secure ticketing and registration systems. You will have more authority over your event, giving you control and increasing safety.

Taking care of the virtual safety of your guests is easier with Connect My Event. Get in touch to see how we can preserve your virtual event security with our secure and customisable platform with high level security features. You can also access our blog to help you learn more about keeping your event safe and successful.

Image source: Pexels